This site is beginning to be revised. It has been for all descendents, natural born or by marriage, adoption, or other association of the ever expanding family of Fred Norman Randall. My name is also Fred N. Randall. I am the author of this site. The revised site will continue to contain ancestry information. Improvements will include my views on life and pictures of my artwork. While attending Fred Norman Randall reunions in the past, there has been much interest in the learning about our ancestors. I decided to start this project to share what I have already learned. It is my desire that this site can, primarily be for the benefit of others. There are estimated to be well over 250 related descendants living in the United States today. Their homes stretch from Maryland to California. Fred Norman Randall was my Grandfather. I had 8 aunts and uncles. All of them have passed, as well as my parents. I have many, many cousins, both 1st, and 2nd, and probably 3rd, 4th, etc. This site is also for other researchers of family genealogy of the Randall, Every, Sanford, Palmer, Chapman, and other surnames. As this site is further developed, I hope to educate what many at the Randall family reunions have expressed that they want to learn about our common ancestry. I also expect that, by publishing this site, distant cousins will discover that we are related and contact me, giving me missing information about their branches and our common roots. Fred Norman Randallís family roots reach back, for the most part, to England. Prominent ancestor names are John Randall, Walter Palmer, Thomas Miner. Ancestors of Fred Norman Randall have been respected for generations. Some have been ministers of the Christian faith, many seventh day Sabbath followers. Many were farmers taking care of their families. It was with a similar introduction to this site that I began this venture in December 2005, and have begun now in 2016 to resurrect this site from lying dormant for the past 7 years.

I have used personally created, Excel visual basic for applications programming for creating and updating the index page and other pages on this site. The programming I used no longer exists, so I will be recreating suitable programming help software or other means as yet undetermined. Updating of site information will probably be in a different format. Hopefully I can make it more helpful. Email me suggestions if you want. No Spam please!

If you want to merely copy the html source coding for the web pages and customize them for your own site please feel free to do so. They are not copyrighted. Right click on the page and select view source in windows, then save as your own files and customize them as your own.

Click on Lawrence Randall photo to see Center School Photo in Bridgewater township, Michigan. Future link will hopfully be to my artwork.

I apologize for the broken links problems in many files. They are due to upper case / lowercase differences and my not paying close enough attention to naming links and files exactly the same. The old server system ignored the differences and displayed the files. The new server system needs them to be exactly the same. I will be working on the problem as time permits. Thanks for your patience. -Fred

Revised 15 June 2016


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