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Through Fred Norman Randallís paternal grandmother, Maria Huldah (Palmer), lineage can be traced back to Thomas Miner. Through both Fred Norman Randall's paternal grandmother and grandfather, multiple lineages can be traced back to Walter Palmer.
John Crossley's Website LDS Church Family Search Site
John Crossley is an 8th cousin, 3X removed of the grandchildren of Fred and Flora Randall. His information on his site has been very helpful. You may notice that the layout of this site's family sheets have been modeled after those on his site. The Family Search Site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. This Site's information has been submitted by Church members. Unfortunately, mistakes have been identified from many of these submissions. It is a great starting point, but verify all search results before accepting all results as fact. Personal Sharing Site is a Secure Password Protected Site to share Personal Family photos, Personal Family History, Personal Family Announcements, Etc. This site has email addresses of researchers who are researching Single Lineage Lines. [Apparent Dead Ends] Copy & Paste URL if it doesn't display as link in your browser.

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Fred Nathan Randall (Grandson of Fred Norman Randall)

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Roy Randall & Katherine Patterson