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[Children listed on family record sheets may or may not have a family record sheet of their own]
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Fred Norman Randall
(1876 - 1953)
A few Links are to alternate families that are not ancestors of Fred & Flora Randall.
First generation descendants only are included in this work. Descendants exist through 4 or more generations.
Flora M. Every
( 1876 - 1939 )

Descendant Descendant

No grandchildren of Fred And Flora Randall are anticipated to have family sheets included in this work,
they are being included in another work, Fred Norman Randall Descendents.xls available to descendants.
Descendants may request an invitation to the password protected site FNRandallRalatives on MyFamily.com
-For specific information requests contact researcher, Fred Nathan Randall frednrandall@aol.com
Generally the only non-ancestors of Fred Norman Randall that have a family sheet are:
- An ancestor and an alternate, non-ancestor spouse including children
- An alternate, non-ancestor spouse and their alternate, non-ancestor spouse including children
- Any non-ancestor spouse's or spouse's spouse's parents including children
- Children ( and children's spouses ) of Fred Norman Randall. (Except where individuals may be still alive)
- Rare instances where discovered information can increase understanding about an ancestor's life.
Genealogical roots and branches beyond this are outside the scope of this work.
Revised 19 Jul 2007